AMQ Unveils Contemporary New Showroom Built on SMB Neighborhood Concept

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AMQ Solutions, recognized for its 10-day turnaround from order entry to delivery and affordable furnishings recently unveiled its contemporary, new West Michigan showroom. AMQ, which has a design partnership with modern, sustainably produced furnishings manufacturer West Elm, targets its solutions to small to midsized businesses (SMBs).

Because SMBs are a significant and growing portion of the workforce, AMQ wanted to learn more about how employees in this segment work to specifically address their workplace needs. Below are a few interesting findings that have driven both AMQ product development and the design of the company’s new showroom.

  • Employees at SMBs are more likely to work in the office three or more days a week than those at larger companies – 75% vs. 65%.
  • 91% of SMB employees work at an assigned desk.
  • SMB workers go to the office to collaborate and do focused work – and they would go more often if they had larger, individually assigned, private spaces.
  • SMB workers desire flexible, reconfigurable furniture and well-being spaces to more easily facilitate collaborative work.

With all of this data in hand, the members of the AMQ Interior Design Team set to work. The end result is a bright, airy, modern 10,000-square-foot showroom finished in a cool palette and designed with the SMB neighborhood concept in mind. The space exudes AMQ’s philosophy of leading-edge simplicity paired with a commitment to designing furniture that supports employees’ daily work and rejuvenation needs. The showroom is a range of interconnected areas that include individual and team spaces; collaboration spaces for in-person and virtual interactions; places with appropriate privacy for individual work or revitalization; and areas to gather, socialize and learn from teammates.

“AMQ’s commitment to small and medium sized businesses is what has driven us to work so hard over the past six months to create furnishings that address these employees’ specific needs,” says Ryan Vander Ploeg, AMQ’s Vice President of Marketing Product Development. “Though we regularly see and hear anecdotal evidence that SMBs embrace a slightly different work style from their large company counterparts, we wanted to be driven by the data when it came to developing products – and designing a workspace – that meets their needs.”

AMQ has continued to expand its budget-friendly product offerings to include stylishly simple, easy-to-rearrange solutions that address the entire office from front to back. The new showroom highlights everything from office seating that can be custom designed online; to the agile and highly mobile Amobi – literally a foldable workstation in a box; to the easy-to-clean, simple aesthetic of West Elm Work Lounge Seating – perfect for collaborative social and café spaces. All furnishings are certified Indoor Advantage Gold, which means all meet the highest standard of clean air quality and low emissions. Additionally, the fun and creative 3F line of privacy screens, hanging panels, and wall tiles are all made from 50% recycled plastic water bottles and are 100% recyclable.

AMQ’s inviting new showroom daily welcomes a wide range of visitors from dealers to designers to end users. Built as a truly functional space, it also serves as a hub for AMQ members looking for a different touch-down space to host client, team, and sales meetings, as well as larger dealer training events.

For those who are unable to visit in person, AMQ has designed a self-guided 3D virtual tour, which can be accessed via the AMQ website. (Click the below link to experience the virtual tour yourself.)

Custom guided, live video tours and demos with product experts are also available upon request by contacting an AMQ representative.

“We believe the process for designing a beautiful and highly functional workspace can and should be simplified,” explains Nancy Stryker, AMQ Director of Brand and Communications. “Our goal is to help our clients quickly decide on the applications and spaces that will enable their teams to work their best at a price point they can afford.”

AMQ believes that people-powered companies need people-focused furniture. As one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the contract furniture space, AMQ understands the way people work is constantly evolving. For this reason, AMQ offers quick and agile solutions for every corner of the office. Speedy, 10-day delivery is always an option, and easy to use digital design tools ensure that purchasing furniture is not only stress-free but even a little fun. With locations in Santa Clara, CA, and Grand Rapids, MI, AMQ is committed to ensuring its products work in all the ways people love. For more information, visit

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