Product Warranties

We stand behind our products with warranties ranging from 3-12 years. View warranty for each product in Dealer Tools.

For warranty claims, please contact the AMQ Customer Care team at or call (877) 801-0370.

Reporting Process:

  • Original PO + line number(s) or original AMQ acknowledgement + line number(s)
  • Qty
  • Brief description off issue
  • Supporting photos of issue
  • Ship to address for replacements
  • Contact name + number

Labor Reimbursement

Some products qualify for labor reimbursement, noted on our Warranty sheet. Please note:

  • A quote must be submitted and approved before reimbursement is given.
  • AMQ may reimburse all or partial labor charges.
  • Once approved, a labor credit will be issued to your account, which may be applied to future orders.