Tektis was designed to seamlessly integrate and complement a variety of other AMQ products. Its simple design allows you to design a variety of spaces that blend together, both aesthetically and functionally. An effective use of real estate considers the needs of the organization as well as the individual. Tektis creates highly effective and inspiring spaces even in a small footprint.

  • Optimizes real estate.
  • Considers individual needs.
  • Simple, for a panel system!
  • Budget focused.


Panels Fabric, Monolithic Tackable Panels
Fabric, Panel Stackers
Glass, Panel Stackers
Panel Connectors Change-of-Height Connector
Standard Connector
120° Connector
Wall Start
Worksurfaces Straight Worksurface
1/2" Cord Drop Straight Worksurface
Transaction Worksurface
Straight Corner Worksurface
Curved Corner Worksurface
120° Corner Worksurface
Extended Curved Corner Worksurface
Worksurface Supports (H-Leg, Cantilever, Post Leg, End Panel, etc.)
Storage Fixed Steel Pedestals
Steel Overhead
Laminate Shelf
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