Bill of Material and CET File coming soon!

Component SKU QTY Unit Total List Price
3F Top Mounted Brackets 3FSNTOPMOUNTBKT 18
3F Screens U Screen 3FSNUSCREEN 6
Kinex Bench-No Panel KINXBENCH 1
Kinex Bench-One End Panel KINXBENCH 2
Kinex Double sided Junction Block KINXDBLJUNCTIONBLK 3
Power Adjustable Jumper Adapter PWRJUMPER 2
Power C Receptacle for Kinex PWRCRECEPTACLE 3
Power C Receptacle for Kinex-Line 1 PWRCRECEPTACLE 6
Power C Receptacle for Kinex-Line 2 PWRCRECEPTACLE 3
Power Entry PWRENTRY 1
Revi Pedestal REVIPEDESTAL 6
Amobi Team Cart ATTC 2
Amobi Team Half Wall ATHWL 4
Jaku Chair JAKU007 6
Intro Dual Monitor Arm CFINTRODSLIDE 6
2 Power, 1 USB A, 1 USB C 20W DSPINTRO 6
Cable Management Tray DSTRAYLG 6