Bill of Material and CET File coming soon!

Component SKU QTY Unit Total List Price
3F Hanging Panel 3FHPHANGINGPNL 2
3F Screens Hooded 3FSNHOODED 6
3F Screens Top Mount Bracket Clamp 3FSNTOPMNTCLAMPBKT 18
Activ Desk Stage 3 ACTVDESKS3 6
Amobi Team Display ATDSP 1
Amobi Team Wall ATWALL 1
I-line Base Kit-Center Foot ILNEBASE 2
I-line Base Kit ILNEBASE 2
I-line Beam ILNEBEAM 3
I-line Post Kit ILNEPOST 4
Jaku Chair JAKU001 6
Power Entry PWRENTRY 1
I-line Power G-Receptacle-Line 1 PWRGRECEPTACLE 3
I-line Power G-Receptacle-Line 2 PWRGRECEPTACLE 6
I-line Power G-Receptacle-Line 3 PWRGRECEPTACLE 3
Power Adjustable Jumper Adapter PWRJUMPER 2
I-line Double Sided Junction Block PWRJUNCTIONBLK 3
Revi Pedestal REVIPEDESTAL 7
3F Hanging Pnl Ceil Susp X-3F-SUSPENSION 2
Activ Soft Cable Management with Zip Close Light Grey X-FCMT 6
CF Series Intro Dual Monitor Arm CFINTRODSLIDE 6
Tray-Cable Management, Smart straps, 15 1/2W DSTRAYSM 6
LED Intro Double Arm Task Light LSCTSKLIGHT2 6